31 Days of Horror Day 29: Severance

severance movie poster

A British horror comedy about a work retreat held in a remote cabin in Hungary.  The fear of bears is real, but they soon realize something more sinister is lurking in the trees.  Is their cabin really an old mental institution, or is that just a story?

Severance - Walking on Road

I love this movie.  It’s a comedy, but it also knows its horror movies.  It plays out like a tense slasher, and there are some pretty brutal scenes.  While some of the violence is played for laughs, it’s never overly goofy.  So, while it is absolutely a comedy, it never loses sight of the horror aspect.

Severance - Knife

It’s incredibly funny, and doesn’t lack for blood or gore.  If you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend that you do.  If you have, now’s the time to revisit it.