31 Days of Horror Day 8: The Monster Squad

Monster Squad Poster

Yesterday got a little dark, didn’t it?  With me all talking about the stresses of work and the hacking of limbs and whatnot?  Apologies.  Apologies all around.

To counter the darkness of yesterday, today we’re watching the 80s classic The Monster Squad.  I still run into people in my everyday life who have never seen this movie (until this past weekend, my sister was one of those people), and they want me to describe it to them.  “It’s like The Goonies but with Universal Monsters.”

Monster Squad - Monsters

I saw this as a kid and loved it (obviously), but, up until a year ago, I hadn’t seen it since.  Since I only saw it once as a child, I held no deep nostalgia for it.  Because of that, I was wondering how well it would hold up to modern-day viewing.

As it turns out, it holds up quite nicely.  It’s a little cheesy (specifically the closing rap song that sounds like the inspiration to the Darkwing Duck theme song), but it’s still really funny, it has a good story, and there aren’t any lulls in the plot.  (And, of course, there’s a line about wolfman nards.)  It’s every bit as enjoyable now as it was when it was released.  Go watch it immediately.

Rock on, Van Helsing. Rock on forever.
Rock on, Van Helsing. Rock on forever.

A fun fact about young Dusty: When I was a kid, I thought the term “virgin” only referred to women because of this movie.

Another fun fact: I have a Steven King Rules shirt.
Another fun fact: I have a Stephen King Rules shirt.