Lovely Molly Movie Review


Lovely Molly is a 2011 possession film directed by Eduardo Sanchez and starring Gretchen Lodge. It tells the tale of Molly Reynolds returning to her long-abandoned family home with her husband Tim. Tim is a trucker and leaves home a lot and Molly is a recovering Heroin addict.

At roughly the three month mark of living in the house, the couple start experiencing strange things. The film switches between a conventional style and a home video camera. The scenes done with the handheld camera start off innocently enough, but slowly get more and more disturbing until their chilling climax.

One of the strengths about this film is the acting of Gretchen Lodge, who doesn’t even have her own wikipedia page. I definitely feel that this could be a breakout performance for her and I definitely hope to see her in more films going forward. Although I classified this as a possession film, it is often difficult to tell if there is actually anything supernatural going on or if Molly is just mentally unhinged. This film was a lot slower than I was expecting from the trailers, but I find that the deliberately slow pacing works wonders for the story being told. There’s really nothing new here that hasn’t been done with other spiritual possession films, but this is still definitely worth checking out.