Penny Dreadful Episode 2: Séance

This episode was infinitely more enjoyable than the first one. With the exception of perhaps the ending, I found the pilot episode to be incredibly slow. Beautiful, but slow.

This episode ups the intensity and does a much better job of making me care about what happens to these characters. A huge stand out to me was the performance of Billie Piper. I hadn’t really seen her in anything since Doctor Who so it was a wonderfully pleasant surprise to see her show up here.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much out of this episode.  The pilot felt like it was 45 minutes too long. Séance has breathed some fresh life in to this series for me. I am finally invested in seeing how everything plays out. Last review I complimented the strength of the cast and it only got stronger this week.

I do believe that this currently is and will remain a hit and miss show. There are going to be good weeks and there are going to be bad weeks, but as long as the strong episodes can remain around this quality, I think this’ll be a great series to continue watching.