Renfield’s Re-Collections part 5 (Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Surf The Web!)

Hell-come to another chapter in Renfield’s Re-Collections. The only site on the ‘ole interweb that gives you an education at the same time as providing you with the coolest horror collectibles that would make you wanna slap yo momma! You crazy young kids just can’t get enough of this crap can you? I understand, it’s just like how I can’t get enough crap in my horror collectible collection. Well this week I’m coming back at ya at full Gothspeed! So crank up the Rot ‘N Roll music that your parents love hate and fasten your seat belts for this trip down this memory from hell! I’ve been in the shopping mood as of late and I’ve listed a few extra items for ya this week.

As always, nor I have anything to do with the sellers of these items nor do we make any money off of the sale or profit of these items. Unfortunately.

Psychomania on VHS

Psychomania VHS

First off, it was released in 1973, not 1971. Secondly it was released in the US under the title of “The Death Riders”. This fucked up British B-movie is about a satanic youth biker gang (called the Living Dead) on some pieces of shit bikes that look like the Honda Rebel and a Triumph had a bastard baby, that commits suicide so that they can come back to life (no zombie make up here) because they find the power of Satan through a mystical pet frog. (I said it was fucked up!) I remember walking into the living room when I was about five and caught a glimpse of this flick as my grandparents (of all people) were watching it. I guess I walked in at the wrong time (or right time depending on how you take it) and saw the image of one of the bikers committing suicide by taking a swan dive off a freeway overpass.  That screwed me up for weeks. The music was cheesy, (it was 1973), and the cinematography is…well it was 1973. But the thing that will stick with you is the badass skull helmets! It’s dumb fun and I’ve seen worse…But still, a fucking frog?  

Don’t spend more than $5 on a copy, I don’t care if it is comes with a magical frog!


Return of the Living Dead TarMan Figure


Was this the first time we heard a zombie actually say something other than “ZZZAAAHHHGGHTTTHH!” I remember seeing this thing come out of the barrel and scream “BRRRAAAAIIIINNNSSS” and “MOOORRRE BRRRAAAAIIIINNNSSS” I was out the door! This is a rare figure, (not exactly museum rare) and was released only a couple of years ago so it isn’t exactly vintage. But you have to admit that it is cooler than hell! Amok Time made toys that were focused on the adult crowd and not intended for anyone under 18. This item comes with Trioxin container and bitten brain; it has a beautiful diorama for display (if it were to be opened).  Send more paramedics!

A going price is $30 for a mint, carded figure.

Tales from the Crypt Animated Crypt Keeper


Damn, I really wanted one of these back in the late 90’s! I think I might put an offer down so if I find out that any of you dear readers outbid me…Clap and the old bastard shakes in his electric chair while laughing maniacally as the Tesla coils mounted above him light up. This toy was released around the time to celebrate the rerelease of Tales from the Crypt on video. Crypt Keeper shit was everywhere back then. Another toy released by the same maker at the time was a Crypt Keeper Candelabra, but the electric light bulb was a bitch to replace when it went out. This toy was not as popular but it held up longer. If you can find one grab it, because everyone needs a toy that electrocutes an old man chained to a chair.

I’ve seen most of these go for about $25-$30. This one comes with the original box so I would set the price higher.


Friday the 13th Jason and Victim Spitballs 1989 Entertech

F13 spitballs

So I was looking through my collection of stuff the other day and found these. I decided to include them in this Re-Collection because these are just too damn cool! And yes, I did get mine from Kmart as well! I haven’t seen many of these at all since then so they are a hard find. Here’s the deal. Slasher movies are at the top of their game at the time, and everyone from Nintendo to Mattel is trying to cash in on the merchandising. Enter Entertech. A now defunct electric water gun company who wanted a piece of the action, so they acquire the rights to not only Friday the 13th but Nightmare on Elm Street so that they can make Jason and Victim, as well as Freddy and Victim squirting water balls.  Just squeeze ole hockey head while under water and fill, and then squeeze him again to watch him spit water up to 18ft! (I never really measured but I’ll say it was probably true.) I loved the packaging. Here it was in 1989 and the main picture is Jason from part 3 (1982) and the back picture is Zombie Jason from part 7 (1988). Not only was that, but the “blood” across the face of the victim painted in pink rather than red. (Thanks, American Family Association for screwing something else up.)

I would suggest not paying more than $30 for a mint carded find, and $15 for loose.

Vintage Freddy Krueger Glove 1984


I have owned several replicas of “the glove” over the years but this is the first and the original still on the card! Many knock-offs have been made over the years but this one actually has the trademark stamped under the metacarpal shield. Again the parent groups had to over emphasize twice, two different ways that the blades were not sharp (see green sticker) as if it wasn’t obvious by the cheap and not-so-shiny plastic color of the blades. It is deemed “horribly” authentic but yet the ball at the end of the cinch wasn’t painted red (said in the most sardonic “gotcha” voice). That same year the first Freddy mask came out made of latex with a foam hat. Only problem was…no one made the sweater at this point. I get that someone would want to be Freddy for Halloween, but did they anyone actually think that they were really just going as a child molesting killer?  Your therapist called…he needs you to come in ASAP. 


My Pet Monster Plush Toy

My Pet Monster

Thank Goth I was too old for this shit when it came out. I thought it was a good idea that they were releasing monster plushes rather than stupid animals for kids to carry around but even still, I would have preferred something like a werewolf or creature to carry around. I mean, if you are going to look like you have problems, make it respectable.  This thing was released in 1986 by American Greetings Co. and was targeted to boys as well as girls, but you know who bought it mostly. I thought that the thing looked like a rejected Muppet if you ask me! Complete with handcuffs,…(WTF?) the maker found a way of putting the creature in every household by simultaneously running an animated series on Saturday mornings. The toy was popular for awhile but then retired, only to find it rejuvenated as a talking version 20 years later.  Mattel tried to release a competitive version but it was quickly discontinued. Apparently no one wanted to play with a plush Herpes Simplex virus.


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