I’m pretty tired of found footage but every now and then a movie will come out and completely blow away any and all preconceived notions I have of these types of films.

SXTAPE was not that film.

There is so much potential with this concept that it was frustrating to watch SXTAPE fail again and again as the movie dragged on. They start several side stories all at once and what should be a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere in an abandoned asylum ends up just leaving you clawing at your face with contempt. It sets up several nice pieces in the story but fails to execute any of them. I will praise the performance of Caitlin Folley though, she delivered a believable descent into madness but unfortunately didn’t have any other aspect of the film to back her up. I’d like to see her in a movie with better writing so that she can live up to the wasted potential she showed here.

Poor plot(and with such an easy concept), poor pacing and MANY LOUD NOISES make this movie just…frustrating to get through. Skip it.