The Walking Dead S4-E2 running diary

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2.

I neither love nor hate The Walking Dead. I seem to be part of a minority group that doesn’t share the large hatred or love that this show gets.

I have been a weekly watcher since the first season and for every episode that I love, I find there’s an episode or two that drives me insane. I feel that the show has demonstrated extreme greatness at times but that it also suffers from lazy writing. There also seems to be a trend of developing their b-characters only to have them killed off an episode or two later. I appreciate character growth and exposition but this show seems to spend an inordinate amount of time focusing more on character development than other important things like pacing or plot.

That rant aside, it’s now time to dive in to the second episode of season 4. This will be spoiler heavy.


11:42- My DVR started recording after the opening credits. Awesome.

11:44- Harry Potter Zombie is going to town on some dude. That didn’t take long

11:45 Rick wakes up Carl as Harry Potter zombie gets distracted by the sound of somebody coughing. (As an aside, I’m happy to see that even zombies are annoyed at constant coughing. Get a damn drink of water.)

Glenn takes photos of Herschel’s daughter and wakes her up and everybody is ok with this for some reason. If I tried taking a picture of Ms.Horror-Writers when she was asleep I don’t think I’d be here typing this.

12 minutes in- I’ve lost track of my timestamp so I’m just going to do it this way from now on.              Rick and Carl are gathering crops and commenting on all the zombies gathering at the gate. Carl wants to take kill them but Rick apparently has other plans for them. Carl wants his gun back. Sweet Jesus no.

14 minutes in. Michonne is on a horse when two people come out screaming for help. There are walkers inside the compound. Uh oh. I know people think Michonne is bad ass and all but using a katana that way is just so friggin’ impractical. There’d be nothing left of it. They’re not made to cut into things that way.

15 minutes in. Oh boy, Carl has a gun again and there’s absolute bedlam inside the prison. Carol is going to amputate the arm of a guy who looks like KG from Tenacious D. There sure was a whole lot of yelling going on there.

17 minutes in-  The death of Harry Potter Zombie brings us to a commercial break.

So far there’s nothing really special about this episode. It’s ok I guess? Yeah. It’s ok.

21 minutes in and we’re back from commercial. The group is going around and checking for bodies. I like the music here. Rick looks extremely shaken up and Darryl looks like Darryl. Nothing bothers that man.

22 minutes in- KG is dying and he’s giving a speech to Carol. She says she’ll look after the kids or something, I didn’t really hear it, they were talking pretty quietly.

24 minutes in- Harry Potter zombie apparently had a really bad flu. They seem to think the pigs are responsible. They’re deciding what to do next.

25 minutes in- KG is visited by his children. I’m not really feeling the emotion in this scene.  I’m normally a sucker for this sort of thing but it’s not grabbing me. Ok, Daughter is going to kill father. Ok. No she isn’t.

And I’m done with this episode.

I used to love this show, I used to love these characters. There’s been so much tedious nonsense in the last two seasons that I don’t really care what happens to them anymore. I enjoyed last week and Rick’s journey for redemption but the rest of the cast with the exception of Carol aren’t interesting anymore.

This show is not doing it for me anymore. It used to be fresh and interesting and now I find most episodes to be nothing more than tedious. To me, the show has gone downhill since the epic Shane/Rick confrontation in season 2. I wanted to continue loving this show but I can’t. I started this review with hope but halfway through the episode I feel like there’s a thousand things I’d rather be doing than watching it.

Sorry for the cop-out running diary review here, but I can’t be bothered to continue on this episode. I might read what Dusty said and then catch the next one but this’ll probably be the last episode of The Walking Dead I watch.