TWD S4, E3: Infected

We pick up right where we left off last week:with the question of who set the two bodies on fire? Tyreeses’ emotions get the best of him and a fight between him and Rick ensues. Welcome back  Crazy Rick, I love you!

O.K., we’ve lost twelve people  and two more were killed in cold blood. Once again, I will acknowledge the fact that most of the casualties are people we never even knew. Very convenient.  As it becomes glaringly obvious that  this virus is out of control, The Council gets together, sends Daryl and Michonne out for antibiotics and they FINALLY quarantine people.  You don’t have to be a doctor to have known to quarantine a bit earlier than this. Tyreese and Rick have, yet, another conversation about why Rick hasn’t already discovered the arsonist in the prison. I understand that Tyreese is grieving, but let’s settle down for a moment, shall we?

While Carl and Rick discuss responsible gun ownership, we find out that Glenn is sick. No! Not Glenn! Glenn has developed nicely from the meek pizza delivery guy of season one to a stand up, take charge member of The Council.  Here’s hoping that Glenn will be the only one to make it out of this virus alive, while all of the other periphery characters succumb to it. Meanwhile, Carol locks away the little zombie lover and it’s heartbreaking to see her relive the “Sophia moment” ,to a certain degree, all over again.

In an interesting change of heart, Tyreese volunteers to go out on the run with Daryl, looking for antibiotics.  Tyreese has been very vocal about his discomfort with all of the necessary evils involved in surviving this new world, so, why is he going? Does he feel he has nothing left to live for after Karen’s death? In another valiant gesture, Hershel chooses to go into cell block D, with the infected, because he would rather know that he did the right thing and helped people. “I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives; that’s reason enough to risk mine.” Well done sir, well done.

While out on the antibiotics run, Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese are overcome by a huge mob of walkers. (Seriously, are the walkers migrating?) Just when it looks as if the group isn’t going to escape, and Tyreese is NO help at all, Tyreese finally exits the car and, seemingly, sacrifices himself for the group.  Ultimately, Tyreese escapes the walkers, but has he been bitten?

Rick takes  another look at the crime scene and he finds a bloody handprint on the door. When comparing it to the size of his hand, we are now pretty certain of  who took it upon themselves to set David and Karen ablaze. Rick asks Carol, point blank, if she’s responsible and she calmly admits that she is. This is a very interesting conundrum: Carol did it for the group, but what else would she be willing to do for the group?

The group seems to be quickly unraveling and falling victim to their environment and their emotions; this cannot bode well for everyone’s survival.