Automation Review: This fun loving mashup just wants to hug the life out of you.

Automation Review: This fun loving mashup just wants to hug the life out of you.

Automation mixes pretty much all of the tropes of 80s action-horror into around 90 minutes of one-lining antics. You get what you pay for, this charcuterie board of themes paces itself quite nicely. The plot does jump around a little, but was solid enough to keep me entertained until the end. The only gripes I had were a few issues in the editing department, but strangely enough, attention to detail elsewhere makes up more than enough for it. 

The premise of the movie is pretty standard; Humanoid-ish robot get pissed off for one reason or another, and goes on a killing rampage. Or well, kind of. I’m not going to spoil anything here but Auto is definitely going through some things.

While the movie does a good job of attempting to straddle the line between action and comedy, it’s obvious that this movie is designed to be taken lightly. It comes off as a low budget affair that never tries to extend beyond the boundaries of what you expect from it. If you enjoy the trailer, then you’ll enjoy the movie just as much. 

One thing that I really loved about the movie is how it picks and chooses its references. You’ll get the occasional cheesy pun, followed by a straight up line coming right out of some of my faves. It even dashes in a little bit of social commentary. 

Overall, this movie is great if you want to get together with a few friends for beers, burgers and b-movies. Worth a rent at the very least. I know I’ll be watching it at least a few more times.

The production quality of the movie is just what you’d expect from something of this caliber. There were times that I was exceptionally surprised about the quality / attention given to the special effects, especially some of the kills towards the end. They definitely stuck a sturdy balance between CGI and Practical effects. While there were a few hiccups in the sound design and definitely a cheapness to the props (this may or may not improve the movie depending on your point of view), the production quality remained enough to keep me following along as the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Automation is out December 3rd and is available for pre-order here.

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