Mr. Marc’s House – Deadtectives

Mr. Marc’s House – Deadtectives

This movie is 100% a horror comedy taking on the phenomenon of “ghost hunting” shows, but done in a smart way. It focuses on two brothers, one of their girlfriends, a close friend of theirs and their ghost hunting show.

They’re total frauds who’ve just been cancelled and are doing one more in an attempt to prove that their show is worth keeping on the air.

The not-so-spoiler twist is: they’ve ended up a real haunted house. Trapped in the house they have to fight ghosts, stay alive and try to get out…in a pretty hilarious fashion. Decent kills and story are complimented with good, often smart, jokes.

This is definitely more “Shaun of the Dead” than “Scary Movie;” only the spoof is taking on the ghost hunter shows. Solid independent flick with few flaws.

Worth the Rent

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