Free Talk Friday – Happy Thanksgiving

Free Talk Friday – Happy Thanksgiving

When was the last time you finished something? A books (or books?) you stopped a few chapters in, a project sitting nearly completed. Hell, a video game? Not something you stopped because you simply did not like it, but maybe something you just stopped for whatever reason (hint: laziness).
Get back to ‘er, finish something, I guarantee it will feel good.

Fuck . I had something to so say, but I forgot, so instead… go listen to some Municipal Waste!
– Ryan

If you live in a community with municipal wastewater services, DO NOT plant a tree on or near your service. The roots will get into it and you will most likely have to dig it up and cut down the tree. save your time, money and a big headache, and plant it elsewhere
– Marc

Been reading a lot of Star Wars books lately. If you haven’t delved too deeply into the new canon, consider checking out Alphabet Squadron and Lost Stars. Easily two of the best Star Wars books in a long, long time.
– Shawn

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