Mailbag Monday – My fantasy football team sucks

Mailbag Monday – My fantasy football team sucks

How did you spend Thanksgiving?

We’re all Canadian so it was a regular weekend for us. That being said, being able to watch the Lions do Lions things on a Thursday afternoon at work was fun.

Why is Javascript stupid?

Javascript is stupid because it began life as a language meant to do fairly simple things within web browsers. Then, in the last 7-8 years Node.js came out and showed that Javascript could be used efficiently at the server level. The problem is that Javascript doesn’t handle multiple-processs and must handle everything one at a time (which is why callbacks are a thing). Also, front-end javascript has to keep browser compatibility in mind.
TL DR: Blame Microsoft for internet explorer 7
– Ryan

Why do I always lose in fantasy football?

Because you don’t have Dalvin Cook, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson or Christian McCaferty. You probably also have too many Raiders players. I don’t know. Uh. Try using fewer Raiders players?
– Shawn

DnD or Pathfinder?

Call of Cthulhu. Been running it at work during lunch and it’s a lot of fun. Give it a shot.
– Shawn

Watch anything good lately?

I fell HARD into the works of Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead after seeing their 2017 film The Endless. I went and watched their two other features, 2012’s Resolution, and 2014’s Spring within the same week. If you like what I like to call ‘mind-fuckey’ movies then this pair is for you! I don’t want to give much away here so I’ll keep this super brief.

Resolution is a low budget ‘one room’ type of movie. The characters and acting are great, something that often suffers in lower-budget productions. A guy goes to help his friend get clean by handcuffing him inside his home, and a bunch of shit happens. CHECK IT.

Spring is a Lovecraftian love letter. This is just…weird. Really well done however and is definitely a more introspective film. The writing here is just fantastic and some of the dialogue really had me going “Whoah”. CHECK IT.

The Endless is a really cool mind-fuckey, time-fuckey movie that has some ties to Resolution. This is what got me onto this duo and I really dig these guys’ style. I ain’t gonna say anything more other than it’s way better than the synopsis suggests. Fellow RoH writer Marc watched it and gave it a ‘meh’. But fuck that guy. CHECK IT

They have a new film right now in the festival circuit called Synchronic that I am REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on.
– Mat

Your late night listening stuff is fun. Any other music you can recommend?

So many things. We all have pretty diverse musical tastes.

Check out Mat’s band Thunderdome for all of your metal needs.
Consider some Laraw for some groovy/poppy goodness.
Wintersleep are a Canadian staple. One of the best bands from our country.
– Republic staff

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