Mr. Marc’s Video Store – Return of the Living Dead series

Mr. Marc’s Video Store – Return of the Living Dead series


Return of the Living Dead

A movie with the right amount of camp to horror ratio with a smattering of dancing Linnea Quigley. I won’t get into why the title and story are why they are cause that’s been told and retold for decades.

In a nut shell though, this movie is not to be taken seriously and at the same time has a great take on the zombie genre. Unlike most zombie movies, these ones can’t die and are created via government gas. I think one of the more interesting things in this film is how self aware the zombies themselves are; most zombie movies have the usual panic and reaction from the people, but the zombies here are able to think and plan.

The film has some great gore and great jokes. It’s a good flick if you want some laughs and watch everyone die. Send more Paramedics.

Worth the buy

Return of the Living Dead II

The sequel is definitely a sequel. It’s a fun movie, but essentially hits every beat of the first and doesn’t add much…well, except for zombies driving cars.

The differences between the two are minor: kids vs punks, whole city vs a mortuary/graveyard.

Typical “sequel must be bigger” model. Don’t get me wrong, its still a lot of fun, still some great deaths and zombies still look pretty great…there’s just nothing new here.

Worth the Rent

Return of the Living Dead III

My actual favourite of the series. This movie goes the very serious route with a smattering of laughs. It takes the same basic elements and canon from the previous films (thinking zombies, gas) but it builds on them.

Instead of the rampaging zombies of the first two, it focuses on a young couple and what they’ll do for love. Melinda Clarke plays the girlfriend (and does an amazing job) who’s killed and brought back to life, and although they are being pursued by a group due to an altercation, she tries her best to not eat her boyfriend…going so far as to use physical pain to stop the urge.

The ending is typical, but the journey there is amazing, and I can’t mention how good Melinda Clarke’s performance is.
*(Note from Editor: This is also my favourite in the series)

Worth the buy

As a series, it’s a must own for any zombie lover or horror lover.

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