Review of ex-Misfit’s, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s “Abominator” CD

AbominatorDoyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein hasn’t done much in the way of separating himself from the Misfits image-wise. Other than his second independent effort since his departure from Jerry, he still goes by his old moniker, still wears the same makeup and devillock, still plays the same wicked shaped guitar (yeah, I know he makes his own, but he could’ve made a different one). Then again, Alice Cooper didn’t change anything when he went out on a solo effort, which worked out okay for him.

Now, we all know that I am one huge Misfits fan, let alone a Doyle fan; otherwise I wouldn’t have signed up for this Goth damn project! (The fact is, I actually got this release straight from Doyle himself.)  Now I don’t know if that is going to sway my opinion on this solo effort one way or the other, but I have resold similar efforts in the past that not even my dog would piss on.

Since leaving the Misfits, Doyle has gone solo with his now ex-wife for the “Gorgeous Frankenstein” project, shown up at every Danzig show to close with a Misfit encore set, and now has put together his own band “Doyle” to start anew. With his new album Abominator, (out on his own record label “MonsterMan Records”), the first album from their project, Doyle pushes the edge of his metal side to a new level.

If you have heard his previous work outside of the ‘Fits you’ll know that Doyle has a recognizable slow but chunky-groovy-swing sound to his music that is accentuated by the occasional screeching pitch harmonic (think Zakk Wylde). High on the lows and highs, but near absent in midtones, Doyle achieves this tone from playing not through Marshalls as one would expect, but rather Ampeg bass speakers! The result is a razor like sound from a guitar with a cold. Blended tightly with all the other instruments and vocals, this fucking release packs some major monster balls!

As for a lineup, Doyle hand selected musicians that have orbited around his previous work with the Misfits and his style. Left Hand Graham on bass, Cancerslug frontman Alex Story on vocals and former Misfits drummer Dr. C.H.U.D. have returned to abominate and destroy! We all know that Doyle works well with C.H.U.D., but he molds with Graham musically while Story channels his inner Danzig on looks as well as his evil Elvis croon.

Most of the songs on the album were written by Story and Doyle themselves. With 11 songs on the feature release, the album is

“Dreamingdeadgirls”, “Mark of the Beast”, and “Hope Hell is Warm” are the highlights of Doyle’s style and the songs that make one stamp “APPROVED” well across the front cover. However, “Valley of the Shadows” is a runaway fucking hit! It’s catchy, it’s groovy, and the vocal chorus will stick with your ass for days!

The lineup works! I haven’t heard several guys from their own groups blend this well since the Highway Men. I know that is rather bold, but give it a listen and you tell me if you don’t think the band swings on “Dreamingdeadgirls” the way that a jazz band would, or if “Bloodstains” doesn’t kick like a Mexican mule! Personally I don’t think that neither Doyle nor Story are the best lyricists, however
“She dances with the Lord of Flies and the King of Rats calls her queen
The birthmark on her inner thigh looks a little to much like a goat to me
And I’m forbidden to speak the names that she calls out in her sleep
But one thing that she doesn’t know is that I’m gonna take her down with me”

I find oddly horror-erotic!doyle-small

Abominator has been jamming in my player for about a week now and has been moved from the Jeep to the mancave, to the outside CD player and back to the Jeep several times. I haven’t grown weary of it yet, and actually every play has released another fascination with it, whether it is technique, the excellent instrument production, the lyrics, or even insert art. Halloween is around the corner and this release will be on rotation in the workshop while I construct new decorations, if I haven’t worn it out by then. In which case I will be getting another one from Doyle!

Here’s something you probably didn’t know and don’t want to. The chick that is heard moaning in the background of “Cemeterysexxx” is Doyle’s ex-wife, Gorgeous George…

4.5/5 MonsterMan neck bolts.

Catch Doyle out on his Annihilate America tour this fall, or at


Renfield Rasputin gave Doyle the idea for the neckbolts.