Todd Tuesday – The Fifth One

Todd Tuesday – The Fifth One

Season 1-Episode 9: Big Bad Baby

Some girls at Crowley High want to become mama’s, and one can’t seem to get there, even after banging every guy in school sans Todd & Curtis. So, she has unprotected sex with The Book…more or less. After Todd helps deliver the baby, the baby starts calling Todd “dada,” has The Book as a blanket and soon after escapes from the hospital.

Next thing we see of him the Baby is 7ft tall and kills one of the teachers. The baby is drawn to Todd though and never harms him, even by accident. The episode ends with the baby’s mother being crushed by him, and last we see of him he’s being taken care of my The Society.

Probably my least favourite episode of the season. It’s an episode that’s important for the overall story because it continues to show how close The Book is to Todd, and it’s one of the first outright mentions from the Metal Dudes that Todd IS the Pure Evil One. Having said that I find the episode a little boring and dry; having watched the series dozens of times of the years it’s the one episode I usually skip for season 1.

2.5/5 Teen pregnancies

Season 1- Episode 10: The Ghost of Chet Sukowski

The Crowley High basket ball team is loosing, and it’s all the fault of the the couch’s son….because clearly. In order to be be the best player he can be, The Book has him possessed by Chet: the best basketball player Crowley High has ever had. The kicker, the real Chet drove off a cliff with his girlfriend; using his possession powers, the-now-Chet memorizes Jenny and makes her believe she’s his 50’s girlfriend.

Todd confronts Chet and in turn Chet challenges him to a chickee race, which he accepts not knowing what it is. Not only does he not know what it is, but he can’t even drive. He asks Jimmy, but he gets a vague and unbelievable reason for why he can’t, so he turns to the Metal Dudes…who basically just show him how to drive fast into a tree. Now car-less, they have no choice but to ask Atticus for the use of his van.

While modifying the van, Jimmy mentions he found a watch that Jenny gave her father and they hope to use it to break her out of the trance. During the race they mange to get Jenny out of the car and break the trance with minimal damage to Atticus’ dick…see episode for details. The gang accepts Atticus as one of their own because of all the help he has given them, however later Curtis over hears Atticus talking with the Society and now suspects he’s working for them! Thoroughly enjoyable episode.

The story is great, it further expands on the narrative, we start to learn a little more about Atticus, the Metal Dudes and Jimmy, and there are so many good lines in it. It makes viewers start to ask questions to themselves about Jimmy that they probably haven’t ask before up to this point…up to know he’s just been their helpful pervy friend.

The Metal Dudes are trying to steer Todd in their own direction. finally we get to see Atticus having second thoughts about what his role in the society is.

4/5 Poodle Skirts

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