Todd Tuesday – The First One

Todd Tuesday – The First One

Good day ladies and gents, this is my new review series for the next several weeks. I’m going to be reviewing two episodes a week of one of my favourite shows “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.” I’ll be covering all 26 episodes + the movie. Disclaimer now, there will be spoilers within the review; I’ll be giving a rundown of the episode and then my thoughts on it.

For those who are unaware, This is a Canadian  horror-comedy series that came out almost a decade ago. It stars Jason Mewes, Alex House, Maggie Castle, Melanie Leishman, Bill Turnbull, Chris Leavins, Norman Yeung, Stephen Arbuckle and Dan Petronijevic. It’s centered on Todd and his friends battling the Book of Pure Evil at Crowley High and trying to discover where it comes from.

At it’s basis it’s a monkey paw situation. A student has an issue or desire, they read the book, and shit goes crazy. Jason Mewes plays the school janitor and is the “wise man,” the person the kids turn to for advice, while the ‘metal dudes’  (Norman Yeung, Stephen Arbuckle and Dan Petronijevic) seem to know a lot about the book but are letting onto why. At the same time, a secret society of Satanists are after the Book and hope that Todd is their Chosen One, known as “the Pure Evil One.”

It was a great series back in the day that was sadly cancelled too soon, only two seasons in. After a long crowdfunding campaign….when someone might have possibly donated a sizeable sum…the creators and cast were able to put together an animated film to wrap up the series. You can currently watch it on Shudder as well as buying the DVD’s.

And now, on with the first of the Todd Tuesday reviews.

Season 1-Episode 1: Todd the Metal God

Great season opener; this and the second episode set up the cast and the tone of the show so well. Todd, after getting crushed at a battle of the bands audition and rejected by Jenny, Todd finds out about the Book of Pure Evil. After finding it, it turns into a guitar and he becomes an evil heavy metal god. Turning away his best friend Curtis and getting a new band, Todd almost kills the school with is music powers, before being brought back by his friends. We also find out Jenny’s dad has been missing for a year after researching The Book.

I love this episode so much. It sets up Jimmy’s character as the helpful mentor and right off the bat we can’t quite figure out the metal dudes and why they know about The Book. The episode also shows the gory tone that the series has, as well as the amazing humour.

5/5 bleeding asses

Season 1-Episode 2: How to Make a Homunculus

This episode will end in the culmination of the formal gang coming together. We find out Hannah’s parents died in an experiment and she just wants to be a great scientist like they were, while also battling her feelings for Todd. This leads to The Book coming to her and allowing her to create a creature….a Homunculus! The other side effect is the Homunculus attacks anyone who Hannah subconsciously deems a threat. After killing the science teacher, they use Jenny as bait to catch it, using Hannah’s jealous feelings to their advantage. By the end of the episode the four come together and decide that together they will be fighting The Book.

It’s a solid episode with decent effects. The Homunculus is a model, but looks way more lifelike than if it had been CGI; think model yoda vs CGI yoda. The story is fairly well done, but knowing how the rest of the season goes it is on the weaker side. I also like how you start to get to know the reoccurring side characters; the show has a great supporting cast.

3/4 falling guinea pigs

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