Todd Tuesday – The Fourth One

Todd Tuesday – The Fourth One

Season 1-Episode 7: Terrible Twin Turf Tussle

It’s been a full year since Jenny’s father disappeared…leave it in the past Atticus….and she’s super sensitive right now. She finds comfort is the arms of a woman, D, but D’s twin sister is having difficulty dealing with sharing her attention…would be a nice way of saying it. After watching them make out for an hour, Todd thinks D has The Book and turned Jenny into a lesbian, when in actuality Brittany has The Book and has created a new twin for herself.

Of course things go wrong and the new duplicate kills the original an crates even more of yourself. They go after D, but she manages to escape and create more of herself. Brittany kidnaps Jenny and uses her as bait, and then there is twin-duplicate-gang-war-thing.

Everyone one of the duplicates die except two, and when they reconnect the book they become conjoined twins. This is my third favourite episode for the season. Karissa and Katie Strain are very enjoyable in this episode, and the one flaw I found is that their now conjoined twinness isn’t revisited later on. Although they keep referring to Jenny as a lesbian, it’s clear they are just exploring sexuality in general.

It’s also a good episode in regards to Atticus’s insertion attempts at getting into their gang, and we also get to see that he probably got raped by a wolf when he was younger.

5/5 Lesbian Baskets

Season 1-Episode 8: Cockfight

Kids are turning to stone, starting with Curtis…and he has the book! Jenny suspects Curtis got the book and wanted to become permanently stoned. This is a good theory until other kids start turning to stone. They do some investigating and it turns out a day or so prior Todd and pulled down the pants of the school bully…and it looks as though he’s bullying to over compensate.

They run into the blind kid in school, who doesn’t get turn to stone and says he felt what felt like a giant penis. Hannah makes up special glasses for Todd so he can battle the monster cock. While formulating a plan to find it, they realise that trouble always comes to them so they just sit and wait, and sure enough it does. It’s a giant, stone-turning, talking cock who’s connected to the bully. Todd and the Cock have a full conversation where we learn that the books wants Todd, which scares Todd.

Despite the claims from the bully that he’ll keep it in his pants, Todd ultimately cuts it off in the end. Also, we learn Curtis’ dick is two staple removers long…maybe a staple remover and half. This is a good story development episode. The biggest revelation is that the Book wants Todd and Todd may in fact be the Pure Evil One, and it becomes a bigger theme from now on. Atticus has appeared to be showing sympathy for the gang up to now, but is clearly still Team Satan. There isn’t too much to say about it except that it’s a fun episode and drivers the story.

4/5 Talking Cocks

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