Todd Tuesday – The Second One

Todd Tuesday – The Second One

Season 1-Episode 3: Rock N’ Roll Zombies Know Best

Here is where the show really starts to take off, and why I started telling people to give any show a 3 episode try. Todd still can’t get Jenny to like him and turns to Jimmy for advice, who tells him to try and get with one of Jenny’s friends to make her jealous. He talks with her friend Marcy, who immediately invites him over. We soon learn that she is hiding a pair of zombies!

In order to prevent other students from falling for the trap they spread rumours about Marcy, and once she confronts them she explains she used The Book to replace her parents with her favourite metal band…who happened to be dead. They came back as zombies and demand she bring them people to eat.

This is a really good episode for a few reasons. First, I quite enjoy the make-up and look of the zombies, and the great look of the corpses. Second, it starts to bring in the metal undertones of the show; heavy metal is a big theme in the whole show, not surprisingly. Third, it shows the typical outcome of a book user. And finally fourth, the B plot in regards to the Satan Society really starts to be explored.

4/5 Screaming Bitches

Season 1-Episode 4: Gay Day

Second Favourite episode of the season. The gay kid in school is being bullied for being gay and just wants everyone to know how it feels….so the book turns everyone gay and him straight, problem not solved.

Now he’s being bullied for being the schools “token breeder,” and the girls are furious cause all the guys are gay. On top of that, because of Hannah’s blunder, now everyone wants to kill him. Todd and Curtis try to break the books curse by trying to make him gay, but because you can’t make someone gay they fail.

 The spell is eventually broken though, once the school tears him into a million pieces. Love this episode for a lot of reasons. The concept is quite good and the jokes are really funny. You can also tell that by this point in filming the cast has really clicked and is working well together; there are clear spots of improvisation that work real well. I can’t understate the supporting cast and this episode does a stellar job of expanding their characters.

The show is more than just the core group, and this is a good example of that. And yes, the gore in this episode is really good; the creators really knew what they wanted to go for.

Finally, Jimmy is just hilarious.

5/5 Manhole Subscriptions

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