Todd Tuesday – The Third One

Todd Tuesday – The Third One

Season 1-Episode 5: Monster Fat

This was the pilot episode of the show. There’s a girl is the school (Emily) who has weight issues, and is teased by the students and even a teacher. She just wants to be skinny, and wouldn’t you know it, The Book can do that!

She reads the words and the fat just melts off her in the shower. And then she’s skinny, and everything was great, and the story ended happily ever after. Except of course it didn’t, cause this be TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL.

The fat does melt off though, and then turns into a giant fat monster that attacks all the girls in the school, making them overweight…including Jenny. Todd, being scared of fat people is turned off, but having talking with Jimmy he realizes, it’s still Jenny you dope.

With the help of Hannah they are able to defeat Monster Fat, but not before Emily tries to battle it herself and ends up getting deep fried. While all this is happening the Satanic Society, through their representative Atticus (the school counselor) is trying to learn more about Todd…including watching him masturbate.

It’s a good episode. You think at the start that it’s gonna be a fat shaming episode, but it super is not. Although it is about societies pressures on people, especially women, to be thin, I find this episode really tries to show that weight doesn’t mean anything.

As I mentioned prior, this was the pilot episode. You can tell by some of the effects and make-up. As well some of the locations you’ll never see again, and some hair styles are a little different. But it shows how well the cast was able to mesh right off the bat.

3.5/5 Moomoo’s

Season 1-Episode 6: Invasion of the Stupid Snatchers

The students have to do aptitude tests, and Atticus is letting everyone know what they should be…while also trying to implant himself into the gang…and one student fails it, twice! So, he’s not what you call, smart, AND he just wants to be the smartest kid in school, and The Book does just that…by making everyone dumber than him. He releases smoke from his body and when inhaled by anyone around him they get dumb.

Slowly everyone in the School gets infected, which is balls for Atticus since he gets the book but is too dumb to do anything about it. The only two people unaffected are Hannah and Todd because Hannah creates a vacuum suite for each other them. Eventually Todd succumbs to the smoke and Hannah single handedly saves the day by venting all the smoke out of the school and Allan gets sucked up with it, going through the fan.

It’s a really decent episode. It’s not super in depth or driving the overall story anywhere, I’ll admit. This episode does have a lot of great little lines and jokes though and makes you laugh pretty well from start to finish. I also really like how it’s not Todd-centric; so although the gang always helps Todd save the day (by intention or not), this one is all on Hannah. Melanie Leishman does a really good job in this episode.

4/5 Wantings to make ba-bays

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