Late Night Listening – Crawlspace by Chat Pile

Welcome to Late Night Listening.

Tonight’s song is Crawlspace by noise rock/sludge band Chat Pile. It’s from their 2019 EP This Dungeon Earth and it goes pretty fucking hard. The song is the bizarre story of an OKC cop and it gets incredibly dark and evil by the end. Can’t recommend this band enough.

The Cloisters – Kathy Hays

My attention was immediately caught by this book at the mention of tarot with the ability to tell the future. It didn’t end up being quite what I expected, as this bit of the blurb had me expecting there to be a supernatural twist to the book, but it did not disappoint at all despite the fact that this didn’t end up being the case. Though there was no real hint of the supernatural as I had expected, this book ended up being so good in a very different way.

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Sissy – A fun time with revenge

Sissy is a 2022 Shudder Original written and directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes.

It’s the story of influencer Sis…sorry, Cecilia (played spectacularly by Aisha Dee) who promotes mental health and wellness running into her childhood best friend Emma (the wonderful Hannah Barlow) and being invited to her hen’s night. (For those of you who don’t know what a hen’s night is, it’s what they call a bachelorette party in Australia, the UK and parts of Canada). Continue reading Sissy – A fun time with revenge

Late Night Listening: Cactus by Brother Sun Sister Moon

Welcome to Late Night Listening.

Tonight’s song is Cactus by Japanese Psych-pop band Brother Sun Sister Moon.

I’ve been enjoying all of the shoegaze and dreampop adjacent music coming out of Japan and Korea lately and this song is probably in my top three. The music is beautiful and Ayu Megumi’s voice is beyond haunting. Hope you enjoy it

Dracula 3D – This movie does not exist

Dracula 3d is a 2013 movie. Allegedly. I watched it back in 2013. Allegedly.

To this day I still could not tell you how I discovered Dracula 3D. I don’t believe anyone told me about it because in 2013, people genuinely cared for one another. I also don’t believe I found it through a website because I am still fully convinced that it’s a shared hallucination between Dusty Evely and I. Continue reading Dracula 3D – This movie does not exist