31 Days of Horror – Creepypod Day 1

For the last few years John Grilz at the Creepy podcast have done a 31 days of horror where you get two stories every single day. It’s something I look forward to yearly.

This year, I’ll cover the episodes and give thoughts on it. You can listen to today’s episode here

Story 1: My scarecrow got me in trouble by RM Stainforth. Narrated by John Grilz

A scarecrow named Kane (Not sure on spelling so let’s use this one) gets up to some spooky nonsense. This was a solid opener for the 31 days of horror on Creepy Pod. John Grilz is one of my favourite horror narrators because he does a solid job of creating the characters and creating the world around them. It can be difficult to carry an entire episode solo but he’s always done a great job of it and this story is no exception. There aren’t any surprises or twists here but the ending still punches you in the gut.

RM Stanforth did a really good job with this haunted scarecrow story. It’s a quintessential Halloween tale and the team brings it home nicely.

Story 2: 46&2 by Steve Rogers. Narrated by Nate Dufort

Nate is another one of my favourite narrators. He’s been doing stories on Creepy for a while now and it’s always fun when he pops up.  This one’s about an underground research facility doing shady things. After doing cancer experimentation on patient 46, things go the way you expect them to for the corporation.

Another solid story. Steve Rogers wrote a creepy (heh) little tale that does a good job sucking you in and Nate Dufort really sells the horror with his voice.

Final thoughts:

We’re off to a really good start with the 31 days of horror on Creepy Pod. Last year was my favourite edition of it so there’s big shoes to fill but if the first episode is any indication, we’re in for some fun this year.