31 Days of Horror – Creepypod Day 4

Welcome back. We’re at day 4 now and I feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of things. Only 27 more to go. Maybe I can turn this into my own “Fan draws Mike Trout every day of the lockout” type thing and start writing good reviews by the end of the month. Then again, maybe not.

Story the first: Jolly Jack the Carver Starver written by Kyle Harrison and narrated by John Grilz.

What I liked:

Well, the story features stupid and incompetent cops which is something I always enjoy seeing. Jolly Jack is a really cool Halloween killer too. Awful rhymes, cool mask, goes after kids. This one had all the hallmarks of a really good campfire type of tale.

What I disliked:

Honestly? Nothing. This was a good story. Nice and creepy.

Story the second: Through the Veil written by Deirdre Coles and narrated by Megan McDuffee.

What I liked: 

Megan McDuffee as narrator is always a treat. There’s a shakiness and tremble in her narration style that always sells the terror right from the first word. She’s narrated a few of my favourite Creepy Podcast stories over the years. When things kick into high gear, the description of the ghouls is genuinely unsettling and the writing paints a beautiful picture for you. I’d actually like to see this one as an episode of Creepshow or something.

What I disliked:

Again. Nothing. This was another solid entry.

Final Thoughts:

We’re on day 4 and I’ve found something to enjoy in every single episode. The writing remains top notch and the fact that John Grilz does this every year is an absolute treat. Day 5 tomorrow and let’s see if I can get it to over 300 words.