31 Days of Horror – Creepypod day 5

Day 5, let’s dive right in.

Story the First: Biggest Lie Ever Told written by No One of Consequence and narrated by Michelle Kane.

What I liked:

Michelle Kane’s narration style. It falls more on the side of you’re being read to than being told a story but it never comes across as wooden.

What I disliked:

I’m going to be honest with you, this is a pretty forgettable story. I listened to it this morning and couldn’t remember anything about it by the time I sat down to write this. There’s a haunted house and a little bastard of a child but other than that I don’t remember. It’s ok? I guess?

Story the Second: Butchery Bog written by S.L. Hall and narrated by John Grilz

What I liked:

I’m a sucker for Halloween urban legends. It’s about a house that only appears on Halloween. This is another episode that I would love to see on Creepshow. It has great atmosphere and John Grilz, as always, does an excellent job helping you visualize the story.  This one saved the episode for me.

What I disliked:


Final Thoughts:

An uneven episode with a sadly forgettable opener and excellent bonus episode. It’s a shame because No One of Consequence also wrote Designation: Baphin which is one of my favourite stories. We all have off days. I’ve been having them for 37 years.