31 Days of Horror Day 16: The Conjuring

Conjuring - Poster

I almost gave up on this movie within the first 10 minutes.  You remember those 10 minutes, don’t you?  It was the Warrens recapping a case they had involving a possessed doll.  The people were able to tell it was possessed even though it totally looked like a normal doll.  Not even a little bit evil.  The keen eye on these people, man.

"Everything's cool, man. I'm not evil."
“Everything’s cool, man. Totally not evil.”

I get it, James Wan.  Dolls and old people scare you.  They scare you a lot.  However, putting a creepy looking doll on screen and having its head move a little bit isn’t overly impressive.  There’s no trick to doing something like that.  No originality.  At this point, I’ve gotten so sick of creepy dolls that I don’t even get scared by them anymore.  Same goes for clowns.  It’s all overblown.  If you want to try to scare me, put some effort into it.

Getting warmer.
Getting warmer…

After that first 10 minutes they settled into the main story, and I really liked it.  A few of the good scares were ruined for me (stupid trailers), but there were still a handful of other moments that made me jump.  And not the kind of jump where I was mad at myself for falling for a cheap gag, either: real, legitimate jumps that made me gives James Wan an imaginary fist-bump (but not literally, of course.  That would be crazy.  I’m not crazy.  You’re the one that’s crazy).  This is a well done movie with a lot to love about it.

Including the hair. Look at the hair. LOOK AT IT!
Including the hair. Look at the hair. LOOK AT IT!

There are still some flaws throughout the movie (including some scary old people that Wan threw in there “just because”), but it’s pretty creepy throughout.  It’s another cold, rainy day outside.  Open the windows, make yourself some hot cider, wrap a blanket around yourself and throw this on.

Added note: I thought this was much better than Insidious.  It’s not even close, really.