31 Days of Horror Day 19: Quarantine

Quarantine - Poster

There isn’t much I like less than hearing people prattle on about Peyton Manning.  One of those people currently engaging in this is Bob Costas.  Needless to say, I hit mute on my TV and decided to say a few words about Quarantine.

I know it’s a divisive movie (with it being a remake of [REC] and all), but I love this movie.  It’s really freaky, and has some really jump-worthy moments.

It’s a found footage movie, but, since that film comes from a professional cameraman, the footage isn’t all grainy and shaky.  The camera is also used as a weapon, which is a lot of fun.

Quarantine - Angela

Jennifer Carpenter is terrific in this.  You can feel the sense of panic slowly growing in her until all hell eventually breaks out, and she completely freaks out.

There’s a creepy old woman, a crazed child and a man trying to walk on his exposed leg bone.  It’s a lovely movie.  And, honestly, I like this better than [REC].

Quarantine - Old Lady