31 Days of Horror Day 25: The Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein - Poster

I know I am not alone in saying that this is my favorite Universal Monster movie, and there’s not really a challenger for that title.  Sure, I like all of them, and, while the original Frankenstein is in second place, it’s a pretty distant second.

Bride of Frankenstein - Bride

It’s perfect.  The atmosphere is great (the scene of The Monster stumbling through the foggy graveyard is absolutely beautiful).  The story is heartbreaking.  The acting is superb (Boris Karloff turns in his best performance here, and using Elsa Lanchester to play both Mary Shelley and The Bride was absolutely inspired).  There’s a decent amount of humor mixed in, but it’s never goofy.  It’s a great-looking movie that delivers on all levels.

Bride of Frankenstein - Monster and Bride

There are some terrific quotes here, too.  Here are some of my favorites:
“The air itself is full of monsters.”
“This is no life for murderers.”
“We belong dead.”  (This is one of my all-time favorite movie lines.)

Bride of Frankenstein - Bride Screaming

I just bought this on Blu Ray and it looks amazing.  Let’s all fire it up and make tonight a Bride of Frankenstein night.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em
Smoke ’em if you got ’em