31 Days of Horror Day 7: Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Listen guys.  It has been a rough couple of weeks at work.  Things are changing around, and it’s just been really stressful.  I’m sure it’ll clear up at some point, but who knows when.  Some days all I can think of is this quote from Groundhog Day: “It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you for the rest of your life.”  (In an odd twist, it has been cold and grey here in Kentucky lately, and that has actually made me a little happier.)

Sometimes I get in moods like this and I just want to watch something nasty.  I want to watch something with limbs being hacked off and blood raining from the sky.  I want to watch something like that so I can point to it and say, “At least my life is better than theirs.  At least I didn’t slip on a patch of my significant other’s face-skin.  At least I didn’t have to cut my infected hand off with an electric knife.”  Sometimes it’s action (after the Packers were knocked out of the playoffs last year, I went with Dredd), but this time of year it’s always horror.

So join me as I watch a group of kids get turned into monsters and do terrible, awful things to themselves and those around them.  It’s October 7!  Let blood rain from the sky!

It’s worth noting that one of my favorite lines of this movie is when the girl at the beginning says, “I will rip your soul out, daddy.”  That always sends chills down my spine.

(There might be something wrong with me.)

Evil Dead Basement Door