All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, starring Amber Heard and directed by Jonathan Levine is a clever thriller that isn’t at all what it seems to be. This movie has such a wickedly delicious twist at the end, that it’s hard to talk much about it without giving anything away.

Mandy is a high schooler who has returned from the summer all grown up and filled out; all of the boys truly do love Mandy Lane. Friends with the school outcast, Mandy is unequivocally unimpressed with her outward appearance and the obvious affect it has on all of the boys. Heard is captivating in this role and excels at exuding an innocence and sexuality that is pure catnip to all men. Mandy is a true blue kind of girl. She runs track, doesn’t drink or do drugs and is still a virgin.

Invited to a party at a secluded ranch over the weekend, Mandy is clearly a bit more grown up that the rest of the group. Here we have the usual suspects:pretty athlete, handsome athlete, nerdy rich kid, mean girl and slutty girl. All of the actors inhabit their roles wonderfully and it’s very easy to invest in them and their survival. There is also an extra handsome ranch hand working at the house who throws a bit of a wrench into the situation.

It truly would be a crime to reveal anything else about this film. All you need to know is that Mandy Lane is original and smart with sharp tongued dialogue and an overall feminist message that everyone can appreciate and made me particularly giddy.