Alone; TWD S4, E13

Alright, so we get more backstory on a character. I don’t know that anyone was really begging for Bob’s backstory;especially seeing as how all it really did was illustrate that he is the kind of alcoholic who downs cold medicine. How is it that he is the one who survived two different groups? Side note, Rick’s three questions really are pretty indicative of whom you’re bringing home.

Obviously, the fog scene was fantastic. If only we had a few more moments like this. This half of the season is getting a bit tedious. There is a lot of walking and a lot of talking and there are only three episodes left.  At this pace, everyone will reunite at Terminus the last five minutes of the season.

So, Daryl and Beth bonded last episode; we get it. Piggyback rides, hand holding, serenading and awkward conversations are a little too much too soon. (I would love to have a head count of the amount of women who lost their mind when Beth held Daryl’s hand.) I have a hard time believing that Daryl wouldn’t be more suspicious about the cleanliness of the house. This is a guy who can think fast enough to use the embalming tables as a way to avoid becoming walker food, but he just stays in this house that is, clearly, inhabited.  Oh yeah, and just opening that front door? Come on! Daryl wouldn’t do that. I can no longer abide by the poor choices Daryl makes for the sheer purpose of action happening. Maybe he’s twitterpated over Beth and can no longer think straight, but this is getting ridiculous. However, I really enjoyed that the walkers were just standing there like a welcoming party. That gave me a little giggle.

Beth, I would appreciate it if you could stop singing.  Every time Beth has a musical number it feels cheap. It reminds me of when Lost started using music to convey emotions when they couldn’t figure out how to do it with dialogue or story.  That being said, I loved that she was going to write a “thank you” letter. She is a true southern lady.

Maggie is a fierce bitch and I’m really loving this side of her. Just using walker blood to write with, on a mission to find her husband. I like it. I like it a lot because I actually find it plausible that she could survive on her own.  She is such a smart cookie, that she is able to realize that she will be better off with help and she has no problem swallowing her pride and asking for it. Maggie, I think I love you.

The Bob and Sasha bit was exceedingly painful. When, precisely, did Bob become a Hershel?  Nyquil breath does not need to be doling out advice and I truly don’t understand what was up with that kiss. I would not  have reacted kindly to that.

Seeing Sasha have her moment of realization was nice. She was all alone in that building. So very alone and it hit her like a ton of bricks. Thank goodness Maggie was napping on the ground with some walkers. These two ladies fighting off walkers was great fun! It is a wee bit debatable how easy it would be to swing a street sign around like that, but it was an awesome visual.

Alright, who took Beth? Why would they take her? Were they watching Daryl and Beth for a while or do they just take whomever crashes at their funeral home? How many story lines are going to be introduced with only three episodes left? We are now expecting everyone to get to Terminus, Beth has been kidnapped and Daryl is hanging with the wrong crowd. Oh and how come wackadoo kidnappers are the only ones who know where to get groceries? Surely, they have to restock every time a new fool sits down at that kitchen table.

I need to feel as though some things will be wrapped up by the season finale. I also need Daryl to rescue Beth. We cannot have him losing Sophia and Beth; that just won’t do. So, what’s it going to be fellow Walking Dead family members? Are we going to get some answers or will they leave us with more questions than answers?