Book Review: Andrew by M.J. Orz

Andrew is a novel by author M.J. Orz. This is the first review I’ve written in almost two years so please forgive it if it lacks any sort of depth.

The novel is an anthology format that weaves different stories together, all tied in nicely by their connection to the eponymous Andrew. One strength of the novel is that while each chapter feels differently from the rest, they remain faithful to each other in the world that M.J. Orz has created. Character building appears to be a strength of his and will lead me to check out more of his work in the future.

The novel doesn’t ever trudge and can be a fairly quick read. Despite a rather hectic schedule since my return to the website I managed to read it in three sittings which can be rare these days. The dialogue is crisp and never feels forced and even with some odd-ball situations that some characters find themselves in there’s an authenticity to the interaction that is refreshing to experience.
While not inherently scary, the novel does a good job of creating feelings of genuine discomfort and occasional dread.