Claimed TWD S4, E11

The fact that the title of this episode comes from two grown men fighting over a bed, speaks to the level of humanity that is left. It’s been a year and a half since this virus took over and it must be getting harder and harder to find the Andrea and Dale lookout on life. Seriously, why couldn’t they have just shared the bed? Are you trying to tell me that in the zombie apocalypse men are still going to pull that “leaving an empty seat between them at the movie theatre” bull? Come on, now.

This week’s episode gave us a bit of insight into my new favorite character, Abraham. Abraham has clearly found a way to enjoy killing walkers. The man is handy with a crowbar and I enjoy the teasing he gave to the female walker. Ponytail took him to task for smiling while killing, but Abraham shrugged it off saying, “Well, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” Yeah, two minutes into this Abraham character and Daryl might have a run for his money as far as my heart is concerned. The red hair is too red, though. Seriously. Who was the boss of picking that color?

It really is nice to see Carl acting his age. Michonne has a really lovely way with Carl and it makes my heart smile to see them having a moment of normality in the kitchen. Of course, Judith had to go and ruin it all, but I have no doubt that they will all find each other before the season ends.  While Michonne and her super cute new outfit ( where did she get those boots?) take Carl out to look for supplies, Rick lays down at 8:25 for a well deserved rest. Michonne has Crazy Cheese!! Strangely enough, this Crazy Cheese leads to Michonne finally talking about her son, Andre Alexander. So, while it’s wonderful to start gleaning information about Michonne, I am still wondering what happened to Andre and Andre’s father. Exactly, what did she need to make peace with when she was alone in that BBQ restaurant? When Michonne finds the little girl’s room that has the family laid to rest in it, I found this to be particularly heartbreaking, yet practical. She should have let Carl see it. Carl needs to be reminded that he’s alive and he still has part of his family. So, I guess the question is this: which outcome is worse? Fighting walkers for a year and a half or dying with your family? Which would you choose?


While Rick is jolted awake by the sounds of strangers in the house, he instinctively reaches for his gun, but instead, has to hide under the bed. I especially enjoyed Rick’s quick thinking with fixing the blankets and grabbing his water bottle. It was very High Tension. The entire sequence with Rick under the bed was incredibly well done and suspenseful. The sweat dripping off of him and his difficulty controlling his breathing was all very palpable. The suspense didn’t stop there, though. I was really keen on the scene of Rick hiding against that wall, with the graphic poster prints behind him while Cobra is bouncing the ball off of the wall mere inches from Rick. Oh, how very Hitchcock it all was. When Rick stumbles upon dude in the bathroom, he does what he has to do to survive and I felt as though I had finally gotten my Rick back. Ricktatorship needs to be back in full force because I can no longer abide by this weak  facsimile they’re giving me. Happy to see he has some clean clothes as well.

So, apparently, Eugene is the man who is going to save the world.  Dr. Eugene Porter, owner of the raddest mullet since Kenny Powers, knows what has caused this virus and he can fix it; we all just need to get to Washington. No biggie. Well, Glen is not impressed by this because he only wants to find Maggie. “She’s alive and I’m going to find her.” Pretty sure Glen just acquired some new fans after that romantic statement.

“Son of a dick!” Eugene might be able to save the world, but he killed the car. So, Sargent Abraham Ford, Eugene and Hot Pants decide to stick with Glenn and Ponytail. It sure is nice to see some logic used.  It is better to stick together with able bodied people so that is what is going to happen. That’s real good thinking kids; I like it.

Assuming both of our groups are now headed in the same direction that Carol, Tyreese and the little ladies were headed, how long until we have a family reunion? What is this Terminus? Do we really believe it’s still there and flourishing? If Terminus was the original name for Atlanta, then what is the probability that they’re all just headed back to that damn CDC that they blew up? I hate to be a Negative Nelly, but it all seems too easy.  Surely, after this next episode that seems to be Daryl centric, all parties will be on their way to Treminus. Then what? Everyone is forgiven for their transgressions and they live happily ever after? I don’t think so. Not on this show,anyway.