Joshua Simmons

Joshua Simmons Answers 11 Questions with Lisa  image

Joshua Simmons, one of the young actors starring in the upcoming film Sacrament, took some time to chat on the phone with me recently and we had the best time. A wonderfully charismatic, intelligent and forward thinking man who loves wrestling and horror. What more can you ask for?

1.How long have you been acting?

I started acting in middle school. After winning a Best Actor accolade in a competition, I really got into it and I continued acting through high school and into college as a theatre major.

2.How did you get into acting?

I’m just naturally very charismatic and I’m not afraid to embarrass myself. I like to embarrass myself a lot…so, it’s just a really good fit for me.

3.Tell me about your character in Sacrament.

Brahm Renneker is a jerky, little kid. Brahm comes through many different areas of my own life. I come from a small town with a church, called the Cowboy Church, and the characters in the movie are just like people that I know. The passion, belief and care that they have is real. When I was 18, I had been wanting to be a youth minister because I wanted to teach; I used this as an area to grasp from for my character of Brahm. Brahm is a true Christian; he believes every word that comes out of his mouth. He has a way with people and can get what he wants. He’s a charmer and he knows how to use the Bible in and out to his advantage. He believes what he says is right and that’s what makes him powerful and dangerous

4.Do you love horror or would you prefer another genre?

Yes, I love horror. Blood, guts and darkness is no stranger to me and I love it. Shawn found me while I was working at a haunted house. I worked there for five seasons and I met him in my third year. I played Skinner, a twitchy, scary character; I would never break character when I was at work.

5.Are you interested in branching out into any other areas of film?

Well, this is my first feature film and I love horror. Shawn gave us this amazing opportunity. He’s given us a chance to be working with seasoned actors from the area and I have met so many cool people.

6. Was it difficult to get into your character?

I had so much going on at the time, that I would detach myself from everybody and get into character. I would stay away from everyone until I found Brahm. Amanda (Rebholz) was awesome at bringing Brahm out.

7. Where did you draw the inspiration from?

I’m a huge pro wrestling fan and Jake the Snake Roberts was a lot of my inspiration. He is smooth with his words. The way he talked, moved, acted, just everything about him; I grabbed from that. A lot of the other actors helped the most with feedback. We would go back and forth with each other until you get to the scene. The chemistry between me and Richard (Houghton) made the scenes so awesome.
8. Any favorite moment from filming?

My favorite part is the climax. All of us in that room were on it and I was on fire. Richard, myself and (sic) two other actors all really clicked with our characters and each other.

9. What other projects are you working on?

Currently, I am in limbo. I am planning on moving to Seattle in June. I just want to see what happens when I get there. I may get back into theatre. Stage acting is my high school sweetheart, it has helped create who I am.

10. What do you hope people will take away from Sacrament?

That we are coming into a new era and our stupidity and staying ignorant isn’t O.K. We have to grow, we have to understand and know we are in changing times. Life isn’t about hate or redemption or destruction….not wanting to change or open your eyes and care. Those times are fading and we have to let go of them. Hopefully, it helps other people’s eyes open.

11. What is one thing that you would like to accomplish this year?

I used to do professional wrestling, which I had to give up for health reasons. Wrestling is my true love, but I have the last three matches of my wrestling career and I get to do them on my terms and end my career on my terms. I’m closing a chapter of my life and doing it the way I want to.

You can see Joshua in Sacrament, premiering June 7th, 2014 and you can follow him on Instagram @joshuacity91