Lesbian Vampire Killers

“Centuries ago, a peaceful hamlet was terrorized by a beast. Born not of man, but spewed forth from the firiest pits of Hades with an evil fueled by a hatred of men and a love of women. It’s name: Camilla The Vampire Queen”

In the small village of Cragwich,  all of the women live under the curse of Camilla. On a young lady’s 18th birthday she immediately turns into a lesbian vampire.  Enter Jimmy (Mathew Horne) and Fletch (James Corden); best mates who have both fallen on hard times in life. Jimmy has been dumped by his cheating girlfriend, again, and Fletch has just been fired from his job as a clown:Fletch doesn’t understand that liking children is a prerequisite of being a clown. After many pints, the two throw a dart on the map and end up in Cragwich.  The moment they enter the village they see a group of super hot women piling into a van as Wolfmother’s “Woman” plays; it’s a sight to see.  A series of silly events leads Jimmy and Fletch to the cabin that the ladies are staying at. They have chosen this cabin specifically because they are students of folklore and they are researching Camilla.

Basically, this is a less competent Shaun Of The Dead with lesbian vampires instead of zombies. The title suggests more of an exploitation movie than it really is, but it’s still 90 minutes of fun.  All of the women in the movie are top notch eye candy and Horne and Corden do a pretty decent Simon Pegg/ Nick Frost imitation:Corden has some seriously funny moments.  As the group tries to fight their way out of the gang of lesbian vampires, we get quite a few gory moments woven in with a buddy comedy. The choice of blood consistency and color  is especially interesting. I’m just going to leave it at that. After one messy kill, Fletch proclaims “ahhhh, rank!”. That’s the kind of movie this is. I would like to quote Fletch one more time: “Lesbian vampires. Just another one of God’s cruel tricks to get on my tits. Even dead women would sooner get with each other than me, it would appear. But eat me alive? That’s fine!” That’s the level of intelligence you will get in the humor in this movie. That being said, this is a pretty funny movie that looks great and has good performances. If you don’t expect anything genre bending or new, just a fun horror comedy, then this is a good bet.

note :I ordered this DVD off of Amazon. It was only $7, but I would only suggest purchasing it if you’re a true fan of horror comedy.