Lost A Girl

Lost A Girl is a 2013 film from Porcelain Film.

The film follows Saskia as she moves to a new city, eager for a fresh start after a very traumatic childhood.

Lost A Girl is a very dark film. Everything from the tone and hue of the camera filter to the score gives it an ominous and uncomfortable feel. It features a stellar script and features some of the best pacing I’ve seen in an independent film. No scenes ever drag or feel out of place. The film starts off strong and manages to stay that way for its duration.

There are admittedly times when the acting isn’t as strong as it could be but it never really detracts from the film. The main actress Natasha James does a wonderful job portraying somebody who is trying their best to not let the events of the past continue to rule their life. She comes across as genuine and very likable.  Katie Walton who plays young Saskia is also phenomenal in this. I normally try to take it easy when critiquing child actors but my usual “let it slide” scale didn’t apply here. She owns the few scenes she’s in and has a bright future in the industry if she decides to continue on.

Lost A Girl is a very tense film that never really lets up. It’s enjoyable from start to finish and I recommend giving it a watch/buy.

You can purchase the film and soundtrack on the official website.