Mommy Dearest by E. Reyes

You wake up.  It feels as if your bedroom has become a walk-in freezer.  You pick up your phone on the dresser and check the time, which is 3:25 AM.  You put your phone back to get warmer in your blanket.

It doesn’t work.  It’s just so cold in here.  You hear footsteps ascending the stairs, but your attention remains on the coldness of the room.

You finally get warm.  You turn away from your bedroom door and start getting sleepy again.

You hear the footsteps getting closer but you’re too tired to turn around.  Your bedroom door creaks.

“Honey, are you awake?” It’s your mom.

“Yeah, mom.  Well, kinda.  I woke up really cold.  I’m okay now.  What are you doing awake?” you ask.

You feel your mom sit on your bed, but you’re now too drowsy to turn her way.

“Just came to check on you.  I guess my motherly instincts kicked into gear.  Do you want me to sing to you, dear?”

You tell her sure, but you just want to sleep.

Your mom sings you a baby song.  By now you are just about to fall asleep.  When your mom is done singing, she kisses your forehead, and gives you a light touch on the shoulder.  You hear her footsteps and out she goes descending the stairs.

Your phone rings. You look at the phone and it says “Mom”.


“Hey, honey.  I’m sorry I’m calling so early in the morning, or late at night, but I lost my key.  Can you please leave the door unlocked for me?  I’ll be home in about fifteen minutes.  I was suppose to leave work three hours ago.”

You don’t know how to handle what’s going through your mind.  This means that nobody is home.

“Honey? Hello?”