No One Lives

From Ryuhei Kitamura, the director of “Midnight Meat Train”, comes “No One Lives”.   What initially seems like a movie about a group of thieves/killers kidnapping a wealthy couple on the road turns into something so much more.  Luke Evans (The Raven, Blitz) is the unnamed lead character of the movie and he’s perfectly suited for it. Well spoken and handsome, he’s a cool cucumber under dire circumstances; this only makes you wonder what we don’t yet know about him.  Unfortunately, to reveal much more about this character’s past would ruin all of the fun of the movie.

“No One Lives” is a surprising little  gem of a movie. It never takes itself too seriously and never tries to be anything other than what it is:a gory action flick. If we could put any Jason Statham movie, the Saw movies and Rambo in a blender, it would be a little something like this.  The gore is over the top and outstanding. There are a multitude of twists that you never see coming. It’s not Alfred Hitchcock level twists, but the movie definitely keeps you on your feet. Just when you think you have the story figured out, they throw a curveball at  you. This is truly one of the best guilty pleasure films I’ve seen all year. There’s no message, no over reaching story lines; it’s just a straight up good time. It’s not necessarily a straight up horror movie, so I would caution that if you don’t care for movies such as “The Transporter” (um, how is that possible?), you might not care for this movie.  It’s a bit of a mellowed out action movie mixed with a horror movie. How can you not be at least a little bit curious?