Nobody Can Cool

Indie thriller “Nobody Can Cool” is the first feature from DPYX.  Who is DPYX you ask? This is the writing, producing and directing team comprised of Marcy Boyle and Rachel Holzman. Filmed over the span of fourteen days in Castaic, Ca on a small budget, “Nobody Can Cool” is a smart and tidy “woman in jeopardy” thriller. This movie really delivers a steady build up of suspense and strong female characters. I went into this movie only having seen the trailer. While watching, I was so pleasantly surprised to be watching a film with female characters that knew how to take care of themselves; even amongst some rather brutal men. It wasn’t until after watching the movie and doing some research that I learned that this is a female backed movie. Much like a  Soska Sisters film, it’s a female driven movie with strong female protagonists, but it can absolutely  be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

When Susan (Catherine Annette) and David(David Atlas) arrive at the cabin they are borrowing for the weekend, they are surprised to find Len(Nick Principe) and Gigi(Nikki Bohm) are still there. Rather than one of the couples staying at a hotel, the four of them agree to share the cabin for the night.  Susan’s suspicions of Len and Gigi are soon proven true when she realizes that her and David have been locked in their room. Susan manages to get out, but things quickly escalate from here with the discovery of a dying man and the imminent arrival of the ominous Mo (Harris Mahic).

As all of the players are trying to figure out their best chance of survival, their personality traits start showing: for better or worse. Susan and Gigi are female characters that actually have depth and watching them figure out how to outsmart the men is very fun. Principe does an exceptional job of playing Len as a slimy, no good criminal in an ugly shirt. Len may be tough, but even he is nervous about the arrival of Mo. Mahic is a great bad guy who seems as though he’s ready to snap at any moment.

As more and more obstacles are thrown at this group of misfits, everyone begins to think only of themselves. Taking place in a cabin, the feeling of claustrophobia really adds to the feeling of tension and the sound of a ticking clock in the background is also a genius maneuver to help bring us into the panic that these characters are starting to feel. This is a slow burn of a movie with some decent twists and a clean ending without any loose ends.  This is an exceptional debut film and I look forward to more from DPYX.

“Nobody Can Cool” is available on DVD through Amazon.