Penny Dreadful Episode 3: 10 Thoughts with Shawn

Before I get started on this allow me to proclaim my undying love for Eva Green. There. I said it.


1. -I was wrong – I mentioned last week that this is going to be a hit or miss show from episode to episode and if the quality keeps up, I’m going to look like a fool. This series may have started slow but it’s moving in a wonderful direction.


2.  – Holy References Non Trademarked Bat Hero – I could fill up this entire post just listing all of the literary references this show has made so far. They’re packed in with such vigor that I actually had to re-watch the first three episodes to spot the ones I missed.


3. – Eva Green – Seriously though, Eva Green.


4. – Victor Frankenstein – I’m not normally a fan of rewriting literary characters but the people in charge of this show really seem to know what they’re doing with this. I haven’t been this invested in his character since he was played by Kenneth Branaugh.


5. – Eva Green – Ok, so maybe 10 thoughts was a little too much so expect every third or fourth line to include Eva Green.


6. – Josh Hartnett- I’ve always been a fan of his and this may be his best performance. I’m hoping for a second season of this show already just to see more of him.


7. – Ginette Reno – Ok, so this isn’t related to the show in any way shape or form but how heart warming is it to see Ginette Reno performing Oh Canada at Habs games. I may not be cheering for them but I wish her all the best, she’s a Canadian treasure.


– Such Beauty – From the set design to the costuming, this is one of the most visually impressive shows currently on tv. I’m almost more enthralled with how the show looks than I am with the story being presented…and I am very much into the story being presented.


9 – Eva Green – 


10 – The big finale- This show has been heading in a wonderful direction since it started. The writing is top notch and episode 3 treated us to a wonderful retelling of the origin of Victor Frankenstein. They’ve succeeded in making him a character that shines brighter than his monster.