Recycle by Denize Austin


The bodies adjust their pose
melding into one another.
His digits caress her face
so gently sliding from her brow.
Her head nuzzles into the nape of his neck
as the sun dips behind the trees.

A soft breeze rustles the leaves overhead,
a few dropping from their autumn bows
to mingle with damp undergrowth,
while insects munch on their daily need for decay.
The damp earth seeps uncaring into clothes
as they lay in a last lovers grasp.
Entangled for eternity
as stars begin their sojourn accross the sky once again.

Legs entwined, arms surrounding each other,
their taught muscles begin to relax
into a liquid embrace.
Limbs relax into perfect moulds of each other
symbiots clinging to each other
never to let go.

In time, a smile appears on her face,
slowly at first,
then eventually skin draws back
to bareĀ teeth.
His face would have smiled in the sun,
but instead,
it melts into the soft ground.
To be born again and again.