Review – Whispered Echoes by Anne Michaud


Whispered Echoes, the new book from Anne Michaud is the first in a 5 part series. If the rest of the series can maintain even a fraction of the quality of the first entry then we’re in for some good times.

Whispered Echoes follows Alyx, a patient in a mental hospital who lost everything in a fire. Anne wastes no time kicking off the action and doesn’t slow down much for the duration of the book. The book is never dull and there aren’t chapters that make you check how many pages are left before just putting it down and making a coffee.

Whispered Echoes is less based in traditional horror than the other books I’ve read from Anne, but it still manages to craft scenes full of tension in a lot of places.

Overall, the story was very interesting, the characters and world were crafted beautifully and it gripped me from the beginning until the end.

Whispered Echoes drops on September 24th and if you check back here on that day we’ll have links available for you