Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 10/27/14

Not for that Kind of Storage

Andrea Giesbrecht of Winnipeg, Canada, has been arrested for the six decomposing infants found in her rental storage unit.  Authorities don’t know how long the babies have been there but they were found in various states of decomposition.

Interestingly, Giesbrecht hasn’t been charged with homicide.  She’s been charged with concealing human remains.  Police spokesman Const. Eric Hofley says, “Obviously, you’re not allowed to store or conceal human remains.”



Frozen with Fear?


U.K. mom Sarah Williams is outraged by Bybrook Barn’s annual Christmas display, saying it’s “just morbid.”  What could cause this ire?  A Nightmare Before Christmas display taken too far?  Nope, it’s the boat from Frozen.

I’m the last person on Earth who hasn’t seen Frozen but I guess there’s a ship that sinks.  Says Williams, “It’s one of those subjects you don’t really want to have to talk to children about but she loves the film so we explained it to her.  But then to go to a display that’s supposed to be fun and see the ship – it’s just morbid. Christmas is meant to be about happiness and loving and giving.  Ella said as soon as she saw it: ‘That’s the ship where the people died.’”

Oh, honey, wait until Ella becomes a teenager and becomes obsessed with Titanic.



With Friends like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Eleven members of the same family are sick after accidentally ingesting a deadly puffer fish.


A family friend recently gave the Souza family, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a fish they caught on a fishing trip.  The family eagerly cooked the fish, not realizing it was a puffer fish whose tetradotoxin is 1,200 times more powerful than cyanide.

As the family at the deadly fish, they began to feel its effects.  Cristiane Souza describes how her husband felt, “My husband was the first to say he couldn’t feel his tongue, then his face, and then his arms. Then his legs went dead and he couldn’t stand up any more. It was terrifying.”

Puffer fish, or fugu as it’s known in Japan is considered a delicacy.  It can only be prepared by a qualified chef after three years of training.

There is no cure for the toxin.  People poisoned with it are given activated charcoal and placed on life support.



They’re Not All Benevolent like in that Movie

Thanks to io9 for pointing out the insanity that is the Insannequins Tumblr, a page devoted to the creepiest mannequins on earth.


Because you didn’t need to sleep tonight.



Just Say “No!”

As the media continues to shit itself with glee over ebola, NY1 host Errol Louis offered some wise advice on the local cable show, Inside City Hall;

“If you came across some strange mucus, or feces or something out there on the subway, the street or anywhere else, you know, don’t eat it.”

I know those subway delays can last awhile, but please don’t eat the strange poop.



Ghost Town?  Call Scooby-Doo!

An entire ghost town is up for sale in Connecticut but it will cost you an arm and a leg.


Bidding starts at $800,000 for the village of Johnsonville in East Haddam, Connecticut.  Scooby-Doo has taught me that there aren’t ghosts or monsters, just crooked real-estate developers, so I’d keep an eye on the company holding it.



You Still Can’t Take It with You

A Minnesota-based, Foreverence, is offering custom 3D-printed urns.


They’re made of a ceramic material and can take about a day to print, then the staff does any necessary touch-ups.  The urns can be made into the shape of pretty much anything that was important to the deceased.  The company recently made Devo hats for Bob Casale’s family when the band co-founder died.