Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 11/18/14

Back in the Good Old Days…

The goal of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade must originally have been to scare all children because has a compilation of old photos and they’re just special.

I definitely remember grandma and grandpa reminiscing about the happy days of demon dinosaur cats.


Bedtime Stories


A new edition of the stories of the Brothers Grimm is being released with all the dark and creepy parts that were cut out restored.  This edition will include 156 stories, most of which were cut after they saw increasing popularity.  Thanks goes to University of Minnesota Professor emeritus Jack Zipes for restoring the original stories.

These stories were seriously creepy and you miss out on most of that if you’re only familiar with the Disney version.  In the original Cinderella, the evil stepmother tells her daughters that if the glass slipper doesn’t fit then they should cut off parts of their feet with knives.



Villisca Axe Murderer Claims Another?

Wisconsin resident Robert Laurson was conducting a paranormal investigation at the site of the infamous Villisca Axe Murders when he stabbed himself.


He was airlifted to Creighton Medical Center in Omaha for treatment.  Authorities haven’t released what he stabbed himself with or what his motive was.

The Villisca Axe Murders are still unsolved and are very creepy, I definitely recommend reading about them.



I Would Say that Starbucks is the Real Evil

A video has been circulating purporting to show an honest-to-goodness exorcism being performed at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas.  The less-than-terrifying video was originally posted on Reddit by a user swearing it wasn’t staged and that location was used by religious youth groups.


Is this viral marketing for Starbucks’ new spit-flavored holiday drink?  Or is it to promote an indie horror movie?  Either way, the demon ought to work on its Latin if it wants to be scary.



Should Slendie be Scared?


The latest urban legend making the rounds is the Dogman of Michigan.  He’s like Bigfoot but with a dog head.  The Dogman was most recently spotted in Texas, possibly meeting the Chupacabra for beers.