Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 11/25/14

Definitely Not the Work of the Elders at All

Remember in July when those mysterious holes started forming in Siberia?  They’re finally frozen enough for some brave scientists to start exploring them.


Until now, the working hypothesis is that global warming caused methane pockets to explode.  They found a lake, estimated to be 35-feet-deep at the bottom.  The hole is on the intersection of two active tectonic faults.  This led the area to have a higher temperature than usual, combined with the effects of climate change, led to the methane explosion.

Elder Gods were not mentioned but I choose to believe this is just a forerunner to C’thulu’s glorious reemergence.



Looking For a Fun Museum?

Look no further than the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


This is the work of Ms. Joanna Ebenstein and a lifetime of collecting the odd and curious.  The collection ranges from taxidermy to parts of 19th century hearses and the coolest book shop.  I visited this summer to see Caitlin Doughty, author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Other Lessons from the Crematory and founder of the “Ask a Mortician” Youtube series, speak about death culture in America.  This is definitely a must-see spot if you’re in the New York area.



Does this Image Remind You of Your Childhood?


The infamous Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz with illustrations even creepier than the stories by Stephen Gammell is set to hit the big screen.  John August, the writer of Big Fish, Corpse Bride, and Frankenweenie is set to adapt the stories.

I’m praying to everything unholy that it’s animated and looks like the pictures and has the stories about the kid that finds the big toe in his yard and eats it and the one with Harold the killer scarecrow.



I, For One, Welcome Our Spider Overlords

Tarantulas are on the move in the Santa Ynez Valley.  It turns out that it’s spider mating season and people are being startled as the little guys are on the move.  Their venom isn’t deadly but can cause irritation.  If you see them going at it, leave them alone and maybe play some Barry White.



For the Urban Explorers


American photographer Johnny Joo is releasing his first book of photos of abandoned places, called Empty PlacesThe Mirror has twenty creepy pictures of abandoned schools.  I love abandoned places.  I grew up reading about them in Weird New Jersey magazine and if you want more creepy stories, I recommend reading about the, sadly demolished, Lambertville High School.



Nature—Still Scary

The rare black seadevil was caught on film recently in its natural habitat, 2,000 feet under the sea.


Don’t worry about its teeth, at 2,000 feet it’s rarely going to encounter a human.  Plus, it’s only about 3.5 inches long.  The scary part is that the males are entirely dependent on the female to live.  The females are much larger.  A male will bite onto the side of the female and then its body dissolves until there’s nothing but testicles left behind.  The female will live the rest of her life with multiple parasitic males attached to her.  If the male can’t find a female then he’ll die.  Romantic!