Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 1/2/15

I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

OC Robotics has created what they’ve dubbed a snakebot.  Its extreme flexibility and swappable heads make it ideal for working in recovery areas with lots of debris.  Its staring robot eye and its undulating movements that resemble the creatures from The Abyss make it ideal for pranking your friends and loved ones.  I’d like to order at least five.



That’s the Tooth

Everyone’s seen the Salvation Army bell-ringers this time of year but have you ever wondered what people drop in their donation kettles?  A Kansas City bell-ringer recently received a gold tooth.  It is actually valuable; the gold is worth around $100.  Local Salvation Army official Rick Carroll seems hopeful that it’s an accident, based on how often they accidentally receive keys as donations.  This raises the question, who is carrying a tooth in their pocket?


Again with the Robots

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht has created an updated version of his 3D printed robotic spider dress that he first unveiled in 2013.  An Intel chip measures proximity and respiration.  If the wearer breathes like they’re in distress the limbs, which are positioned on the shoulders and look like spider legs, become threatening.  If the wearer is calm they relax.  There are also LEDs near the hips that look like eyes that glow based on the proximity of someone in front of you and how calm you are.  I recommend watching the video because the dress looks like it was designed by Lovecraft and Giger.


The Scorpion is Just a Gift with Purchase


A mason from Wisconsin was building a fireplace with stone imported from China when he found an extra special surprise, a Chinese golden scorpion.  The Humane Animal Welfare Society in Waukesha took in the scorpion, which is the first scorpion they’ve ever cared for.  It got a cricket for Christmas dinner.



Zombie Nativity Scene will be Back from the Dead


Haunted house manager and Sycamore Township, Ohio, resident Jasen Dixon isn’t backing down after being ordered to remove his zombie-themed nativity scene.  The township claims his display was in violation of local ordinances but Dixon claims he’s done displays with similar structures before.  His neighbors and father hate the display.  I think it’s brilliant.  After all, the Bible says “Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life.”



A Way to Make McDonalds Even Creepier



So, there’s a new band in town.  They dress like McDonalds characters and sing about fast food.  They’re called Mac Sabbath and they make Ronald McDonald even creepier than usual.



Creepy or Awesome Hotel Note?


Journalism student Amy Jones was staying in a hotel in Edinburgh when she found an amazing, creepy note that said, “Don’t open the locked door!  Don’t trust its whispers!  Leave, just leav [sic].”  I’m simultaneously jealous that I never get notes like that and creeped out.  She said she slept fine despite the mysterious locked door facing her bed.



As If That Snake Robot wasn’t Bad Enough

Footage of a giant millipede swimming in someone’s toilet bowl has recently gone viral.  It’s enough to make you not want to use the bathroom ever again.