Scarina’s Weekly Roundup: 12/3/14

Beautiful Decay


Filmmaker Danny Cooke has found a way to gain new perspective on the abandoned site Chernobyl.  He managed to take amazing footage of the city of Pripyat, which has been abandoned since the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986.  There are no long-term residents but it’s safe for short-term visits.  You can view the video, Postcards from Pripyat.



Seals Serial Rapists?

In 2006, marine biologist William Haddad witnessed a fur seal raping a king penguin.  Haddad studies seals in the sub-Antarctic Indian Ocean and observed this behavior while studying elephant seals.

His hypothesis is that the rapey seals are sub-adults that don’t have the typical seal harem.  It’s not uncommon for bull seals to herd seals of other species or even sea lions into their own harems.  The researchers think that the seals may be practicing for when they have their own harem or could have learned the behavior from bull seals with harems.  Either way, someone should talk to these seals about consent.


Do We Need More Reasons to not Visit Alabama?


A doll graveyard was found in Bear Creek Swamp in Autauga County, Alabama.  The dolls were tied to bamboo stakes that were then stabbed into the ground and they appear to be antiques or old-fashioned dolls.

Bear Creek Swamp has a reputation for being haunted and it’s a rite of passage for teenagers to visit.  Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger chalked the dolls up to a prankster.  My kind of prankster!



Something for Raiders of the Lost Ark Fans


Know a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Then this melting face Agent Toht candle from Firebox is the perfect holiday gift.



Clown Doll NOT Funny

A South Pine Creek, Connecticut man is dealing with a severe case of the creeps.  He alleges that his doorbell rang one evening.  When he looked out the window, there was a man in a hoodie standing on the street and a skeleton doll wearing a clown mask on his porch.

Fess up, which one of you did this?