Scarina’s Weekly Roundup

Toynbee Tiles are Back!

Have you noticed something different about the streets this summer?  I snapped a picture of this Toynbee Tile in my hometown of Newark.  Other people have started spotting them again in New York City.

Toynbee Tile

These tiles first started making an appearance in Philadelphia in the 1980s and have been spotted as far away as Chile.  They all bear a similar message about resurrecting the dead on Jupiter.  The theory is that they could refer to Ray Bradbury’s story “The Toynbee Convector.”  Or, they could be about Arnold J. Toynbee, a historian that at one point wrote about the possibility of physical resurrection after death.  Finally, since some of the tiles mention Stanley Kubrick, some people think they refer to 2001: A Space Odyssey and the portal outside of Jupiter.

So, who the hell is making these things?  No one really knows.  The man who was thought to be the creator, James Morasco, but he died in 2003.  Some of the tiles come with instructions on how to make more so it looks like he spawned some copycats.

For more pictures of the NYC tiles;


A Hair-Raising Rollercoaster Ride

A rollercoaster in North Yorkshire, UK, decapitated a deer, covering the riders in blood.  They should really put up a sign if there’s going to be a splash zone.

The ride was closed for thirty minutes while they cleaned up the mess.



Is that the voice of your Conscience in your Ear?

Or is that just your cricket?  An unidentified man in India went to the doctor for discomfort in one of his ears.  The doctor filmed himself removing a damn cricket from the man’s ear.  Watch the video yourself and never sleep again!



And, Speaking of Things you don’t Want to Find in You

Have you ever freaked out when you blew your nose and there was a little blood with your boogers?  Well, you have nothing more to complain about because Daniela Liverani, 24, has you beat.  The Edinburgh native started having frequent nosebleeds after returning from a backpacking trip through Vietnam.  She attributed them to a motorbike crash she recently had until she saw a leech poking out of her nostril when she was in the shower.  Daniela went to Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary where a friend and the doctors held her down and yanked the leech out of her nose.  She described it as big long as her forefinger but as thick as her thumb.  Daniela sees the humor in the situation and named it Mr. Curly for the way he curled up in her nasal cavity.  That’s almost cute.  Wait, no it’s not.



Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

Have you ever tried the silent treatment on your significant other?  Maybe you should reconsider it.  Tammy Hiser, 34, attacked her boyfriend with an ax for clamming up during an argument about her drinking.  They were at a hotel so this raises two questions; was she at The Overlook and where did she get the axe?  Her boyfriend got the ax away and Tammy was arrested.