Stung: Movie Review

stung - poster

Genetically modified super-wasps descend on a gathering of rich people.  If you get stung (STUNG, you guys.  I just got it) by one of these wasps, you will become a person-sized wasp.  So kind of like zombies, except with wings and a stinger.  But hey!  Maybe you can produce some delicious honey.  (Wasps cannot produce honey.)

stung - gweneth

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one.  It was a b-movie creature feature.  It was a decent amount of fun.  There were a couple twists and turns that were pretty easy to spot, but this movie wasn’t about that.  This was a fun, dumb movie about wasp people attacking rich people and growing their wasp army.

stung - paul

I didn’t buy the relationship between the two leads, but that’s easy enough to overlook.  I’m not watching a movie about genetically modified wasps to see a realistic portrayal of relationship dynamics in the workplace or in times of extreme duress.

stung - julia and paul

I do have to bring up an issue with it, though.  The relationship in question occurs between the two leads: Paul and Julia.  They are catering the fancy event and are caught up in the mayhem.  Paul is an irresponsible pot head who hits on the female guests.  Julia is a professional who is responsible and takes her job seriously.  She is essentially running the catering company by herself.
So why, when the party starts going south, does Paul become the hero and Julia the damsel who desperately needs saving?  Why wouldn’t that be the other way around?  I’ll tell you this: if I were in this situation, I’d throw Paul to the wasps and count on Julia to be the level-headed thinker.  I would apologize to Paul, but he’s already a wasp person out for revenge.

stung - julia 3
“Oh no. However will I defend myself without a pot head man-child?”

If you’re looking for a dumb creature-feature movie with decent effects, you could do a lot worse than this one.  There are some legitimately fun moments.  This seems like a great movie to throw on with a group of friends and alcohol.
However, if you’re looking for anything more than that, just cross to the other side of the street and keep on walking.

stung - group
Rating: 3/5

Notable actors: Lance Henricksen, Clifton Collins Jr.