Sudden Chiller Signed Collection Scavenger Hunt


Follow the directions below as you must search the internet for answers.

You must have a Facebook and Twitter account.

You may skip questions, however some may lead you to you next clue.

Write down all your answers. When you are finished, you will email them to Renfield at

The first contestant to have all answers correct, and have followed the directions (we will be checking) will win. If there are multiple contestants with all correct answers, the winner will be decided by the earliest time stamp on their email.




What did Renfield say in his review of Sudden Chillers was his favorite story of the second volume?

Go to  listen to “Lewiston Avenue”. What is the sentence that is spoken at 5:30?

Go to Horror Writers. net Facebook account and “share” one of our postings about sharing our link.

Go to Twitter and find @suddenchillers. “Follow” them.

Renfield recently celebrated his anniversary with Mrs. Renfield. How many years? (Hint: scroll through his Twitter pictures)

Go to Horror Twitter account and “like” it. (Skip if you already have)

Find “Step 7” on Horror Twitter account feed and follow the directions.

Email everything to