The Page Turners – Kevin Johns review.



The Page Turners is the debut novel from local product Kevin Johns.

It is evident from the early chapters that considerable time has been put into the character building process.  The plot generally moves at a good pace and it never tries to accomplish too much within its relatively short span.

Recently I took some time away from the website and stopped focusing on horror, unfortunately I was reading this book when that happened.  It is the type of book that I wish I had more time to delve in to. It’s one of the few books this year that I’m actually going to read again because it seems as though you can pick up more with multiple readings.

It was an enjoyable experience and is the first in an upcoming trilogy. I greatly look forward to the next two in the series because I absolutely want to see how it all plays out.

As mentioned above, Kevin does a great job of building characters that you actually care about. The dialogue never feels forced and has a very free-form feel to it. It’s also very light on the cliché one would expect from this sort of novel.

The world is wonderful and Kevin does a masterful job of making you feel like you’re actually there. The immersion level while reading was fantastic.

I highly recommend this novel and will update this review with a purchase link when one becomes available. This series is on my must read list for the remainder of 2013.