The Strain S1E7, “For Services Rendered”

Strain Poster 2

Now we’re cooking.  The vampire menace is starting to make itself known.  They congregate like packs of zombies, sniffing the air for fresh blood.  And, even though their stingers aren’t strong enough to break through glass, their elbows are very much up to the task.  The early vampires – like Crazy Lawyer Vampire – are starting to take on a more feral look.  A sparse head of hair to go with red eyes, a deteriorating body and herky-jerky movements. That’s what I loved about these vampires in the books: they’re animals.  There are levels to these vampires, but most of them operate on the lower, animalistic tier.

I feel like the show was really starting to come into its own even before the vampire hunters showed up at the end.  I’m a huge fan of these guys.  Before too long, the history of The Master – and the mythology behind the vampires – should start becoming more clear.  As good as this episode was, it should start getting even better.

All that’s left for Eph to do is to shave his head to avoid detection.


1. The cabbie that refused to drive away from the house, while blood-drenched maniacs circled his car.  Just drive, fella.

2. The reaction of Jim’s wife after he told her what was going on.  I honestly had a hard time figuring out exactly what she was mad about.  Was it the fact that he lied?  Did she think he was still lying about everything?  Was it that he was planning on helping Eph?  It escalated very quickly with very little explanation.  (It should be noted that I prefer very little explanation in scenes like this, but it was still pretty confusing.)

3. Setrakian being a smart guy, yet very much underestimating Eichorst in the train station.  That was completely out-of-character for him.

4.  No Fet in this episode.


1. I was really excited to see Chief (Aaron Douglas) show up, and just as sad when he died moments later.  Still, his high-pitched scream of “What the shit!” was one of the highlights of the episode.  RIP, Chief.

2. Gus trying to explain to the cops what was wrong with the guy he took down.  “He had a six-foot frog tongue.”

3. The scenes with Eichorst and Setrakian in the concentration camp were fantastic.
I also loved hearing Eichorst’s true vampire voice a little later in the episode.  Really creepy.

4.  I mentioned it earlier, but the scene with Joan chasing her kids through the house was tremendous.  Really creepy and tense.  I loved her movements, and I was a huge fan of her shaking reflection in the mirror as she descended the stairs.  That entire scene was some top-notch nightmare fuel.

5.  Eichorst jumping on the side of the subway car.  It looked completely ridiculous, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was basically a vampire version of Mr. Bean in Rat Race.

6.  The vampire hunters showing up.  As I mentioned, I love these guys and I love the story behind them.  I’m also a big fan of the leader talking in his best Bane voice.  “The Master’s punishment must be more severe.”